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We help established businesses find the ideal warehouse space, warehouse to let, warehouses to rent for the commercial property needs. We’ll find the warehouse space that your business needs. With our access to thousands of squared meters in industrial space, ranging in size, area, rental budget and more, we’ll find your match!

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    We understand that finding the perfect warehouse can be a time-consuming hassle. We know what spaces are on the market to rent currently or in the near future.

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    Simply speak with one of our friendly consultants who will gladly help you pin down the perfect warehouse for your business. Provide your specifications and we’ll show you the
    available options.

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    Select the warehouse that suits you best and we’ll help you negotiate the lease. You’re now ready set up and enjoy your new

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We are a division of commercial property brokers Instant Property. We specialise in finding warehouses for rent in Gauteng.

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