Warehouse Security Options

31 Oct | Categories: Warehouses

We are all well aware of how dangerous it can be to work in a warehouse. Thugs often think that
they can get their hands on rich loot if they break into industrial buildings and they are
sometimes correct. In the process employees could get hurt, especially if the warehouse runs
on shifts meaning that it operates for 24 hours a day. Those on nightshift are particularly
vulnerable. In this article I’ll share a few ways of protecting them.
Take Care of Your Employees
Dogs – Here is one of the many good reasons why dogs are man’s best friend. Word quickly
spreads that a property is protected by dogs and this acts as a deterrent. Dogs that can be
trained as protectors are of great value and they can also be trained not to accept food in
certain situations or to take food only from one person. This will keep them from being poisoned
by thugs who seek to gain safe access.
Cameras – This is one of the options people like most because of the fact your camera person
will be able to see a threat before it reaches your vulnerable personnel from a single location.
They can then alert the rest and phone the police. Install such a system the minute you find a
warehouse to let.
Guards – Oftentimes you may see warehouses to rent that already has a company that guards
the premises. When you move in you can simply continue the contract or you could find a
different company that you trust. These guards can be armed too if you wish them to be and
having guards on your premises also acts as a deterrent. The security company you choose can
also supply a camera person and this individual can work with the guards to prevent a possible
tragedy if they alert the guards of possible intruders in time. The guards can then deal with the
There are many ways to protect a property once you find warehouses to rent in Johannesburg.
Find the one that’ll suit you best.

What a Warehouse Can Do For Your Brand

31 Oct | Categories: Warehouses

Even though your warehouse is not exactly your head office, people who pass it or who
inevitably sometimes have to visit it can tell a lot about you from your warehouse. So, how is
this possible?
It is actually quite simple if you think about it. If your industrial warehouse to let is well looked
after and it is clear that some work goes into keeping it that way, it tells the world out there that
you care about building a positive image which, in turn makes for a positive brand. On the
flipside, if your warehouses look like something the cat dragged in it may show that you just go
with the motions and that you are not willing to go the extra mile. This means that a customer
will have difficulty getting exactly what they want from you, even if it differs from your set ideas
just slightly.
Because of this you may want to get a head start and get either brand new warehouses to rent
or one that was treated well before. Getting such warehouses to rent in Durban is as easy as
visiting a site like Warehouse for Rent where you will be assisted in finding the warehouse to let
that will tell the world what your feelings about your brand, and in essence your customers, are.
When you visit the site you will be pleased to find a bunch of warehouses advertised there. You
may even find what you need right there but if you don’t, you may find warehouses to rent in
Johannesburg or in the majority of SA with the help of the warehouse pros on standby to help
you. Once you have found what you are looking for your contract terms will be negotiated for
you too.

A Warehouse to Let to Suit Your Needs

31 Oct | Categories: Warehouses

When one decides that a warehouse is needed, you inevitably have to decide what kind of
warehouse would be most practical. In most cases a loading dock is essential but there are
instances when it is just not necessary. When you work with large machinery that makes a lot of
noise and causes vibrations you will need to look for exceptionally strong structure. If you are
going to use it strictly for storage, shelving and space for such shelving is cardinal to the
successful usage of every inch of space. You could bring in your own shelving but you may be
lucky enough to find a warehouse to rent that already has all of your needs covered. You may
decide to build a covered sports arena inside the industrial building you rent and in so doing
create an area that will keep youngsters occupied and out of trouble even in the worst weather
and in such a case a strong outer shell and maybe excellent lighting is really all that is needed
as you will have to bring in everything else, from the bleachers to the gravel and everything in
Finding warehouses to rent in Durban is easy when you contact the guys at Warehouse for
Rent. They have all the contacts and experience to find you the best warehouses possible and
to negotiate a fair deal for you too. If they don’t have the perfect space for you on the site
already they are sure to find exactly what it is you are looking for. The same goes for
warehouses to rent in Johannesburg. They will find what you need without you having to do too
much. Need warehouses to rent in Cape Town? The same rules apply. Talk to the people who
know what they are talking about so you don’t have to. You are, after all, the brains of the
operation and your knowledge is needed elsewhere.

What Kind Of Warehouse Do You Need?

21 Oct | Categories: Warehouses

When we have a large business, we get to point where we realize that we need a warehouse. The next move would be to figure out what kind of warehouse would suit our purposes. There are a great many different types of facilities and which one we eventually decide on is determined by what it would need to offer us.

The types available to us include:

Automated warehouses – These may be used for businesses that use just a small conveyor belt or companies that has automated everything and needs no human laborers at all. They can range in size from quite petite to several stories high, covering a couple of sport fields.

Public warehouses – This is, in essence, a warehouse to let in cases where it will only be needed for a limited period of time. Someone who has a big consignment of stock coming in on a once-off basis or a person who has too much stock for a specific point in time will benefit from renting a space such as this.

Private warehouses – A warehouse like this isn’t usually for rent due to the fact that it is owned and operated by big suppliers and resellers to keep their stock that is to be distributed to chains at a later point in time.

Distribution Centers – These spaces are used when stock will be kept for a very short period of time before being distributed to various branches of a specific chain.

Climate control warehouses – If you stock any type of perishable or medical supplies that need to be refrigerated in order to stay viable or usable, the warehouse to rent that you get should be able to be climatically controlled or you will lose a whole lot of hard earned cash.

To find a warehouse for rent to suit any and all of your needs, the guys at Warehouse for Rent are excellently equipped to find an exact match. They even negotiate the deal for you.

Do You Need A Warehouse For Rent?

21 Oct | Categories: Warehouses

Before it can be determined if you are going to need a warehouse, you will need to know what exactly a warehouse is and if you think it is just a place for storage, you need to have a look at this article. Although warehouses are used for storage in the majority of cases, they are used for so many other things too.

Some of the uses for warehouses include things like building factories inside of them. This would mean a whole lot of heavy duty machinery making a lot of noise and vibration so you will need to have warehouses that can cope with quite a bit of punishment. They can be used for storage as mentioned above but they have so many uses that it is difficult to know where to start. They have a few surprising uses, uses that few people would think of. You may even catch a few tips and decide that you need warehouses to rent in Cape Town now if you didn’t before.

They can be turned into covered sport fields, schools, art complexes and even venues for a variety of events if all guidelines and laws are followed to make it safe. Many clubs are known to have been built inside old warehouse spaces and wedding receptions held in them turned out to be hits too. If you decide that you definitely need to find a warehouse to let for any purpose whatsoever, contacting Warehouse for Rent is absolutely necessary. They are the guys that will assist you in finding the perfect warehouses to let and what you use it for plays a large role in what you will be looking for.

You will need to determine if you need a warehouse that has a loading dock and it has to be big enough to accommodate all of your machinery. If you are thinking of using it for functions or as a club or any use that includes a lot of people you need to see to the legal side of things regarding safety.

Warehouses – The Base of Your Business

30 Sep | Categories: Warehouses

When you decide to start or grow your business, a big factor in what the outside world sees, is your warehouse space. If you want them to see a professional company that has, or is going to, achieve a lot in the world your warehouse should reflect exactly that. It needs to say: ‘Look at the success I have achieved or are working towards’. Many a successful business that doesn’t work towards that message see their sales figures dwindle due to the fact that successful customers (you know, the guys that actually has the money) more often than not chooses a company based on proof that they are successful too. People often guard against small or insignificant companies that seem to be struggling because they are scared they may end up trusting a ‘fly by night’ company.

Having a successful business means creating an image that will draw customers and this is true for the industrial part of it too. Warehouses make a statement about those that utilize them and if you are stuck in a dilapidated old building on the verge of tumbling to the ground the statement it makes is: ‘This person is looking to make a quick buck or he would have invested in something that would last a bit longer’. Even if the goal is that the client never sees the warehouse and you are set up in a lovely office building that is sure to impress, there is still a slight chance that your client may ask to see where the actual work takes place especially if you will be storing or renovating their property in the allocated space. A warehouse to let that looks the part of a successful business is sure to attract business owners that are considered high rollers in their area. When looking for warehouses to rent in Johannesburg keep this article in mind and visit https://www.warehouseforrent.co.za where you will find individuals eager and able to find you a warehouse you will enjoy using for the foreseeable future.

Reasons for Needing a Warehouse

23 Sep | Categories: Warehouses

There may be many reasons that you may need a warehouse. Maybe you need storage for your company or even a vehicle collection or any other large collection you may own. You may want to set up a workforce inside a warehouse. You may need a bigger space than the warehouse you currently have. Whatever your reasons for requiring a commercial building, http://warehouseforrent.co.za is sure to have something to suit your exact requirement and need.

When you go to the site you are more than welcome to browse the warehouses to rent in Durban they have on offer. You may have a company that stores or fixes boats for boat owners. This would mean warehouses that are closer to the water is a better bet than one deeper inland and you could find the prime spot for such a business with the help of the mentioned site.

The same is true for similar types of warehouses to rent in Cape Town. If you offered a service or rented storage space to boats or other type of water machine or equipment, closer to the water is always better. If you cannot find what you have in mind on the site, contact them with your unique specifications and they will help you find an open spot or one that may open soon.

Either way, finding a warehouse to rent in Johannesburg or in any of the two cities already mentioned cannot be simpler or more convenient when you have the right kind of help, the kind of help you can expect from a company like Warehouse For Rent. Before you know it, your new or existing enterprise would be well on its way to the best growth possible because you will have the space to expand as much as you like. So one warehouse is not enough? Get these guys to settle a deal on the warehouse next to your current location if and when it becomes available to enable expansion of your warehouse space.

Getting the Best Warehouse at the Best Price

16 Sep | Categories: Warehouses

You have realized that you need a different or bigger warehouse space and decided to start looking. How exciting, right? Very wrong when you realize the available warehouses to let in your desired area isn’t as impressive as you expected and after seeing one disappointing warehouse after the other you have had it!

Do not give up now. If you are at this point, you are one step closer to getting what you want as you can now eliminate one bad commercial property brokerage or agent and rather try the services of Warehouse for Rent. They are extremely experienced in this field and are sure to find the best warehouse to let within your budget.

If you need warehouses to rent in Cape Town they will be able to help in your search. No longer will you need to schlep from one disaster to the next because the spaces you will see when dealing with these guys will be competing for a spot among the most impressive, giving you an opportunity to get warehouses to rent that will be a pleasure to choose from. The only problem you face now is seeing which the best among the best is.

Finding warehouses to rent in Durban follows the same routine as above and you will be amazed at what can be found in this coastal town with regards to industrial warehouses. If you continuously find that the best spots are unavailable, dealing with the guys at Warehouse for Rent goes a long way in securing a space perfect for you but in a case where they can’t find your ideal space immediately, you can remain with them until such time that they can find the space made for you. In doing so, you will know about such a space as soon as it is up for rental, before someone else can snatch it out from under your nose. You’ll be at the ready permanently to clinch the deal and rent your space before those competing for it too.

Rent a Warehouse Easily

9 Sep | Categories: Warehouses

So you have a need for some space for your business? No problem. You can get all the space you need through Warehouse for Rent. They have access to industrial warehouses of all shapes and sizes to ensure you get the one perfect for your needs. They will find you a warehouse to let before you know it and in so doing enable you to get on with other, more important issues with regards to your business. You will no longer need to waste precious time searching for warehouses to rent in Johannesburg or anywhere else for that matter. With the help of these guys your ideal warehouse will practically come looking for you. They have comprehensive lists of available warehouses and warehouses that will be available soon to ensure that your needs are met, immediately or at a later point in time.

If you speak to one of their experienced and friendly consultants they will find out what your specific needs are so they can be met. You will be shown all of the available spaces based on the specs you gave to the consultant and soon you will be able to choose between all of the relevant warehouses to let. Not only will they help you find the perfect warehouse to suit your every need, they will also help you negotiate the lease to ensure you are not overcharged each month.

The property specialists at Warehouse for Rent are passionate about what they do and because of this they are sure to find the best deal for you. Apart from the option of talking to a consultant you can also fill out an online form and specify what you need to have them take it from there or simply check out the listings on their site and make your choice accordingly. Whatever the method you choose, a consultant is just a phone call away to assist you in going to the next step or to get some advice.

Warehouse for Rent in Roodepoort

19 Aug | Categories: Warehouses

There is a warehouse for rent in Roodepoort, in Robertville. Robertville is a well known industrial warehouse node in Johannesburg. These warehouse factory units can offer tenants great safety and security and they are also very conveniently located within close proximity to Main Reef Road. These warehouse units are situated between Florida, Maraisburg and Stormill. They are close by to the Highgate Shopping Centre off Main Reef Road and to the N1 highway. There is 24 Hour entry/exit security.

Three phase electrical supply.

Check back with Warehouse For Rent for more warehouse updates.

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