Warehouse Security Options

We are all well aware of how dangerous it can be to work in a warehouse. Thugs often think that
they can get their hands on rich loot if they break into industrial buildings and they are
sometimes correct. In the process employees could get hurt, especially if the warehouse runs
on shifts meaning that it operates for 24 hours a day. Those on nightshift are particularly
vulnerable. In this article I’ll share a few ways of protecting them.
Take Care of Your Employees
Dogs – Here is one of the many good reasons why dogs are man’s best friend. Word quickly
spreads that a property is protected by dogs and this acts as a deterrent. Dogs that can be
trained as protectors are of great value and they can also be trained not to accept food in
certain situations or to take food only from one person. This will keep them from being poisoned
by thugs who seek to gain safe access.
Cameras – This is one of the options people like most because of the fact your camera person
will be able to see a threat before it reaches your vulnerable personnel from a single location.
They can then alert the rest and phone the police. Install such a system the minute you find a
warehouse to let.
Guards – Oftentimes you may see warehouses to rent that already has a company that guards
the premises. When you move in you can simply continue the contract or you could find a
different company that you trust. These guards can be armed too if you wish them to be and
having guards on your premises also acts as a deterrent. The security company you choose can
also supply a camera person and this individual can work with the guards to prevent a possible
tragedy if they alert the guards of possible intruders in time. The guards can then deal with the
There are many ways to protect a property once you find warehouses to rent in Johannesburg.
Find the one that’ll suit you best.
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